“The Creator’s Shrine of Affection” related Titles

We respectfully introduce to the people of the world the ongoing project of the Creator, one of which is the construction of “The Creator’s Shrine of Affection” at specially selected site in Japan.
The ultimate purpose of the Creator is to create entirely New Universe of Everlasting Peace, with the core of which is the Planet Earth.
The construction of “The Shrine” is, the Creator says, the first and essential step for that supreme goal.

The following list in English shows relating titles only, for the time being, from articles written in Japanese.
We hope, by reading these titles, people of the world may be able to know at least the outlines of the events of epic proportions.

I have still to continue cleaning up this Earth — Ansmaka* *The Soul of the Planet Earth namely Terra or Gaia(Gaea)

 At the final stretch of ground work for “The New Cosmic Era”

I return This Earth to the Creator soon — Ansmaka* *The Soul of the Planet Earth namely Terra or Gaia(Gaea)

The Mission of “Children of God” have to fulfil now — Susanowo*, Kushinada** *A God of Ancient Japan, **A Goddess of Ancient Japan

▼ 2017

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